The Rope (Anna Pigeon Mysteries, Book 17): A gripping, breath-taking thriller

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Anna emerges from this canyon escapade as a strong, determined woman Verdict: Another awesome winner for Barr. The harrowing plot Burn finds Nevada Barr turning out prose that practically sizzles. Anna's complex personality continues to elevate the series, and the ranger's sojourn to New Orleans further energizes this always reliable series.

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Skip to main content. By Nevada Barr. Description "Gripping Her novels include Winter Study , Borderline and Burn. Like her character, Barr worked for the National Park Service as a park ranger before resigning to write full time. She lives in New Orleans. An incredible adventure story recounting the trials and tribulations of Captain George DeLong and his crew traveling to discover the North Pole during the 's.

Without giving too much away, one can only marvel at what these men went through in order to survive; from being stranded on ice for a year, to overcoming lead poisoning, and not to mention the Arctic weather conditions. A very gripping story, one that I actually listened to, rather than read. The narrator, Arthur Morey, did an excellent job and one could even detect changes in his voice as the story's mood changed. This is a book for any history buff, adventure enthusiast, or anyone who likes a story about human survival and perseverance. Also a great book to read if you are looking to improve your vocabulary.

In New Poland Beata is starting a new phase of her life and unsure as to which direction to move.

As she learns more about her family history she becomes more certain of who she is and what she wants out of life. Let these tales of intriguing discoveries transport you from the Midwest to the Middle East this summer.

The English Crime Play in the Twentieth Century

Have you entered Oscars Challenge? Continue on to see all the Oscar Nominated books and to put your request in for their DVD counterparts. Moneyball by Michael Lewis I got started at the urging of a library patron, and now my sister and my son are fans, too. Soon there I was though, picking up another Lee Child and another and yet another. These books do not get boring. Yes there are flaws.

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I almost gave up reading Die Trying, the second in the series, because the villain was just too incredibly evil. Yes, Child has flaws. Do all the women have to be so incredibly gorgeous? Would they really fall so hard and so quickly for a man who wears his clothes for three or four days barring times he has to toss a shirt early because he got too much blood on it.

And could any mere mortal really accomplish what Jack Reacher does? Five against one is an easy day for this guy. Or watch him cross yards on foot with no cover up to a house where bad guys with guns are looking out the windows. If you'd like to learn more about Rome, the Vatican or the mysterious Illuminati , check out the following titles:. Dial M for Murdoch. Frankly, I found it much less compelling than it should be. It seemed like a lot of plowing through the calendar from to It would help if I were more familiar with British organizations, personalities and acronyms.

And it might help if the authors gave more information when referring to people like Tommy Sheridan after not mentioning him for pages.

He's a Scottish politician who won a lawsuit against News of the World; then went to jail for perjury in that suit; then Sheridan was released and Andy Coulson, editor of News of the World and later communications director for Prime Minister Cameron Brown, was charged with perjury in the case. The book promised some juicy inside news, and you might expect it from Watson, a government insider who has his own flashy lifestyle and blames his fight to bring down the Murdochs with ruining his marriage.

Mostly it is a boring recitation of what happened in the News International phone hacking scandals that eventually closed the year-old News of the World.

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The newspaper illegally got into voice mails of celebrities and people close to the Royal Family. But what really shocked the nation and brought on all kinds of official wrath was the revelation that agents of the newspaper went into the cell phone voice mail of a young missing girl. Scotland Yard, often portrayed as a paragon on BBC dramas, is accused of corruption and ineptitude. One revelation driven home again and again was the terrifying power that Murdoch's papers had or were believed to have over British officials -- threatening and possibly making and bringing down those as high as prime minister.

To be fair, some reviewers liked the book. Check out the Washington Post account at Opinions. No one. He has lived there all his life and cannot understand how anyone can put up with earthly irritants like traffic jams.

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And he loves the architecture. Every time he walks across the tiny city or takes a ride down one its canals he finds more beauty to admire. One thing we North Americans learn is that Venice and Venetians are different from the rest of Italy in ways other than boats are the main mode of transportation. They even have their own language, more or less. And even though Brunetti is chasing the most dastardly murderers, there's something relaxing about his lifestyle. For one thing there's the food. His wife, Paola is the scion of one of Venice's richest families, and she teaches English literature at university.

But none of this interferes with the fabulo. And unlike your more hardboiled American detectives, Brunetti neither shoots people nor chases women, although if he weren't so smitten with his wife we might get a little nervous about his relationship with Signorina Elettra, his boss' secretary. All this said, the reader who is not already passionate about Brunetti should probably start with an earlier book rather than the latest, Beastly Things. Our hero seems to spend more time than usual contemplating good and evil, and the action is slight. He does, however, get to charge the murderer with murder this time, rather than settling for achieving justice in a more round about way.

With crooked politicians, corrupt enviromentalists, and a whole host of inept criminals and zany heroes, Carl Hiaasen's novels are hilarious thrillers set in Hiaasen's vividly described home state of Florida. June's Book Discussion pic- Skinny Dip features slightly murderous biologist Chaz Perrone who is being stalked by the wife he tried to kill. Will attempted murder victim Joey get revenge against her egomaniac husband? If you like humorous books where anything can happen and often will, then check out author Carl Hiaasen. Job searching can be frustrating at the best of times, but even more so in a struggling economy.

For inspiration and assistance, check out our collection of books on resumes, cover letters, and interviewing. To add a little humor to your job search, check out the article Job Search Lessons from Jaws click on the title to see the article. Last week it was announced that the Lyric Opera will premiere the opera Bel Canto for their season. Now I've seen plenty of good discussion books turned into movies, but I'm pretty sure this the first time I've seen one made into an opera!

Patchett's story about a group of strangers held hostage by terrorists at a swanky party for a Japanese businessman weaves a love of music throughout the novel. Our group loved this charming novel featuring the correspondance between a vivacious London writer and the residents of the quiet island occupied by the Germans during the war. Check them out now on display by the Reference Desk. The Fiction Book Discussion Group wrapped up its last meeting for the year we're on hiatus in December. See below to check out what titles the group has read over the last year.

In addition to our regular book discussion group we started a Non-Fiction discussion group which met at the Salt Creek Wine Bar.

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See our list below to keep up with what our book discussion groups have been reading. Due to the remodeling project, our Fiction group will not meet again until Feb 16 when we will discuss The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. If you would like to request a copy of the book, please call the library at x or request it online through SWAN. As we all know, there are many great movies out there that started out as great books.

Check out our lineup of books that were recently released as a movie or are coming out soon. So whether you read the book before, or after you see the movie you'll have some inspiration for your reading list. Scott Pointon presented a wealth of information about brewing tools, ingredients, and technique. He shared the following websites during his presentation:. Betty Bunny goes on a shopping trip to the toy store with her parents.

They tell her she may pick out one toy. Betty Bunny loses sight of this rule as she runs through the store putting a wide variety of toys into her cart. She imagines her room full of all of those toys and is very excited! One the good things and the bad things about working in a library is that you are exposed to so many wonderful books, DVDs, music, etc.