The Rise of Evo Morales and the MAS

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By many metrics, Bolivia has seen remarkable progress under President Evo Morales, popularly known as Evo. Evo came to power in Following on the heels of a string of neoliberal, U. And as he stretches for a fourth term, the president has emphasized this contrast between him and his predecessors.

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Parents chose not to teach their children their native tongue to protect them. Bolivia was one of the poorest countries in the world, and its majority-native population were the poorest of the poor. Thirty-six indigenous languages were recognized as official. The plurinationality of the new constitution seeped into many sectors of modern Bolivian life, such as education and public offices.

The Rise of Evo Morales

Currently, 34 of the the 36 officially recognized indigenous pueblos have their own language institutes located within their own communities. As of , every public official has been required to speak not only Spanish but also the native language of the region in which they work. For the first time in Bolivian history, a woman can walk into a bank in La Paz and converse with her teller in Aymara.

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A man can walk into a hospital in Cochabamba and receive treatment from his doctor in Quechua. These policies, and many more, have changed the lives of millions of indigenous peoples in Bolivia.

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In fact, Webber makes sixteen contributions. The election that brought Morales the presidency represented a breakdown of the traditional neoliberal parties. But MAS had also shifted its class composition, ideology, and its political strategy.

One Day with President: 24 hrs with Bolivia's Evo Morales (RT Documentary)

Webber argues that policy decisions being made today in Bolivia, unlike in previous eras, are less susceptible to influence from the United States. He spends some time early in the book making the case that U. Venezuela has offered air and sea transport infrastructure and guaranteed Bolivia a market for its agricultural products. Cuba has provided invaluable medical services, equipment and doctors including ophthalmologic centers capable of treating , a year , as well as 5, scholarships to study medicine in Cuba.

The Rise of Evo Morales and the MAS - Harten, Sven -

The ingredients for far-reaching transformations seemed to be present—a radical, combative base, the discrediting of neoliberalism, a weakening of imperialist threats, and support from regional partners. Nevertheless, a series of MAS compromises with the right wing created significant obstacles, beginning with the Constituent Assembly in Since the Water War—where a mobilization of workers, peasants, and the poor prevented a corporate takeover of water resources in Cochabamba—social movements had been demanding a radical re-writing of state policy that would include their organic participation.

Instead of moving forward with a radical agenda, however, the MAS made space at the table for the right wing. Bringing them into the dialog foreclosed many opportunities for left participation and actually allowed the right to begin to reconstitute itself in the form of the autonomist drive for regional secession. But the MAS has not taken the same conciliatory approach to workers, its base. Its austere fiscal policy saw almost no change in poverty rates or social inequality, despite budget surpluses, tight inflation, and massive growth in international reserves. The museum houses personal belongings — including a pair of shoes he wore as a child and a roomfull of football shirts — and about 5, keepsakes from around the indigenous-majority country. But the focus on Morales also hints at what critics call mounting authoritarianism by the president and his Movement Toward Socialism Mas. Morales can now run for a fourth term in — and for every election thereafter. Morales, 58 — an Aymara former coca grower — was elected in Yet Bolivia, along with Nicaragua, is now the only presidential democracy in the Americas to place no limits on re-election.