The Magic Pencil Black Language Glossary (The Magic Pencil Series Book 2)

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Is it good having two? Malcolm: Well, Mom an Jam ain married, yet. He got jokes!

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Dad is basically a standard dad. Both a them treat me good and I always learn somethin new from em. Bekki: I go to school in Dagenham where they used to make cars.

It got a twin-turbo 3. I still like Lewis Hamilton. I like Nicole Lyons too!

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Bout time I found out about Black female drivers! Bekki: What do you think of Lewis Hamilton? You know, the money, right? Bekki: Will your mum and dad let you fuse your hair? Malcolm: Oh, you mean grow locs? They call theirs dreadlocks. I guess they will.

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  • Malcolm: Hahaha! Not really. Malcolm: Nope. I only seen the videos. Bekki: I have a question for Nia.

    Do you think that magic is good for homework? Nia: Not really. I like the rhyming songs. Have you got any good ones to share with me, please? Nia: Yep! Quayle, one of my teachers, wrote the rhyme. You say the first two parts and jump kind of fast. Then, when you say the third part you go really fast and stomp as you jump. Then you do the same steps for the next three parts. The grow folk say When-I-get-into-their-talking.

    Bekki: I like rhyming. In London some people use Cockney rhyming slang. It is like a puzzle that you have to work out. Because Rosie Lee rhymes with tea! Can you guess what a syrup is? Malcolm: Uhhhhhhhhh, a stirrup? Nia: Hmmm. A maple leaf! Bekki: If the Pencil Fairy said she would give you whatever pencils you wanted what kind would you ask for? And what would you use them for?

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    Malcolm: A mechanical one with a never-ending lead and self- regenerating, not-smeary eraser. Plus, I can tell it to make its lead thicker or thinner, darker or lighter and harder or softer! That way I could use it for everything! Nia: I guess the same thing would work for me. Bekki: My favourite teacher is Miss Treacle because she is kind and funny.

    She teaches science to my baby-sitters and to my brother, Sam. Who is your favourite teacher and why? Nia: Oh, I love Ms. She is the perfect educator! But I also love Mr.

    The Magic Pencil Black Language Glossary, Volume 2

    I help him with the kindergarten kids. He is soooo wise and kind. Malcolm: Hey Ms. Smarty, you sposed to name only one. Winston too because she keeps us learning and understands I get bored a lot. But Ms. Kady, the sub, is cool too. She makes things real excitin! Malcolm: OK. Then I name ME. I teach my self to learn, gurl! Bekki: Nia, what do you like about Malcolm? Bekki: And Malcolm what do you like about Nia?

    Fa real, Nia is intriguing; never boring. On either side of you was forest, where the Baldeziwurlekistanian villagers and the people under the hill made their new settlement.

    Herrmann's Book of Magic: Black Art Fully Exposed

    If you opened the handbag the wrong way, though, you found yourself in a dark land that smelled like blood. The guardian had no skin. Its howl made blood come out of your ears and nose. It tore apart anyone who turned the clasp in the opposite direction and opened the purse in the wrong way. She twisted the clasp, showing me how she did it. She opened the mouth of the purse, but not very wide and held it up to me. I put my head near the handbag, but not too near. After he got expelled, everybody at school called Jake Houdini instead of Jake. Everybody except for me. Jake is smarter and also taller than most of our teachers.

    Not quite as tall as me.

    Arabella and the Magic Pencil

    Jake has always been in love with me. He says he was in love with me even before third grade, even before we ever met. It took me a while to fall in love with Jake. In third grade, Jake knew everything already, except how to make friends. He used to follow me around all day long. It made me so mad that I kicked him in the knee. Even I felt sorry for Jake then. The school was going to suspend him for the rest of the year, but instead Jake took two years off while his mother home-schooled him. He learned Latin and Hebrew and Greek, how to write sestinas, how to make sushi, how to play bridge, and even how to knit.

    He learned fencing and ballroom dancing. He worked in a soup kitchen and made a Super Eight movie about Civil War reenactors who play extreme croquet in full costume instead of firing off cannons. He started learning how to play guitar. He even wrote a novel.