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The book contains many examples of historical events that occurred long after the time of the traditional date for Daniel.

The arguments for the book's authenticity however are quite convincing and answer well those negative doubts:. The charges of historical blunders have proved false in the past e. Present problematic passages will eventually likewise be solved. Not only do the international contacts of the Neo-Babylonian Empire account for the presence of foreign words, but recent linguistic research has rendered obsolete the argument concerning the supposed lateness of Daniel's language.

Who wrote this book?

Daniel was a statesman as well as a prophet, and could thus easily be included in the writings. Since God is the Sovereign of history, He can inspire men to record accurate predictions of events both near and far. Jesus quoted Daniel as a prophet Matt. Daniels contemporaries mention him as a person known for his righteousness and wisdom Ezek.

Ancient authorities, both Jewish and Christian, accepted the book's authenticity. Taken at face value, the book purports to be a document of the sixth century B. There is no good reason to reject Daniel's authorship of the book. If the claims of the book are taken at face value, it was written during the lifetime of Daniel at various periods between the time he was captured and the third year of Cyrus to B.

Book of Daniel

The dates of the three kings mentioned in the book are well known: Nebuchadnezzar - B. Cyrus's reign over Babylon, the scene of the later chapters of Daniel began in B. Interpretation — Purpose: The interpretation of the book can be determined only by understanding its historical background.

In B. Nabopolassar was succeeded by his son Nebuchadnezzar in B. The Babylonians were then the undisputed masters of the ancient Near East.

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In the first of three campaigns against Judah, Nebuchadnezzar took Daniel and his three friends, among others, captive to Babylon B. Later campaigns resulted in the taking of 10, captives, including Ezekiel B.

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Four successive Babylonian kings are not mentioned in Daniel: Amel-marduk the Evil-merodach of the Bible; - B. However, the final king of the Empire, Belshazzar B. Belshazzar, although a co-regent with his father Nabonidus, was in fact the reigning monarch for much of his father's term.

The Book of Daniel is unsealing - Middle East and Prophecy!

During Belshazzar's rule Daniel had the vision of the four beasts chapter 7 , and the vision of the ram and the male goat in chapter 8. The famous "handwriting on the wall" in chapter 5 was a prediction of Belshazzar's fall, since the city was taken that night Oct. Cyrus is the only Persian king mentioned in the book. Darius is clearly identified as a Mede and should not be confused with a later Persian king by the same name.

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  • It presents a divine philosophy of history. God is represented as the Sovereign over all of history.

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    He moves men and nations according to His will The king would then have my head because of you. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds. All rights reserved worldwide. You'll get this book and many others when you join Bible Gateway Plus.

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    Upgrade, and get the most out of your new account. Try it free for 30 days. Study This. Daniel and His Friends. Israelite prince Daniel and three friends are exiled to Babylon but exalted by the king when they hold onto their faith and way of life. Interpreting Dreams. Daniel obeys God and is given the divine ability to interpret dreams for Babylonian kings. He also has his own dreams that appointed angels explain. Miraculous Rescues. Daniel and his friends risk their lives worshipping God, but are saved miraculously first from a furnace, and then from a den of hungry lions.

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