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Rekha Acharya 2 , Dr. Rashmi Gupta 3 , Dr.

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Swati Pawar 4 and Mr. Information about the demographic profile, ANC factors and foetal outcome data were collected. To find out associating factors appropriate test of significances were used. The magnitude of anemia Although IUGR, premature births and still births were observed respectively 2. But significantly more Anemia in pregnancy may be reduce by proper Iron and folic acid supplementation which can be improved through IEC and providing proper ANC sendees.

Anemia in pregnancy is commonly considered as risk factor for poor pregnancy outcome and can threaten the maternal and fetal life also. ICMR district nutrition survey also reported prevalence of anemia as NFHS Premature births are more common in women with moderate anemia. Infection, maternal deaths due ante partum and post-partum hemorrhage, pregnancy induced hypertension and sepsis occur in women with moderate anemia.

Severe Anemia leads to cardiac decomposition when Hb falls below 5. Anemia during pregnancy is associated with IUGR, low birth weight, preterm delivery, increased perinatal mortality, lowered childhood intellectual ability neonatal anemia due to poor reserve.

Infants with anemia have higher prevalence of failure to thrive, poorer intellectual developmental milestones, and higher rates of morbidities and neonatal mortalities than infants without anemia.

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High prevalence of anemia among pregnant women persists in India despite the availability of effective and low cost interventions for prevention and treatment. And knowledge of socio-demographic factors associated with anemia will help to formulate strategies to attack this important health problem.

Keeping all of these facts in the mind with the paucity of data regarding anemia in pregnancy and its effect on fetal outcome in Bikaner District, it was decided to assess the magnitude of anemia among pregnant women and its associating factors and fetal outcome at P. Hospital, Bikaner District. Methodology This hospital based descriptive observational study was conducted at maternity ward of PBM hospital , SP medical college , Bikaner from August to October The women aged 15 to 49 years, who had undergone delivery and admitted were included. Women who had not ANC record were excluded from the study.

Pre structured and pretested protocol and antenatal and delivery record was used for collection.

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To find association between maternal factors and anemia , only anemic women at third trimester was considered. Updated B. G Prasad classification was used to determine the socioeconomic status of mother. Statistical analysis Statistical analysis was done on Microsoft Excel and Primer software. Categorical variables were analyzed using Chi Square test.

Odds ratio was additionally calculated. Out of these total cases , anemia Anemia was higher Likewise, no significant association was observed between residence and anemia in pregnancy. Similarly Hindus were in majority Significantly more proportion of anemia was found among non- vegetarian than vegetarian women, although Likewise anemia was observed more in women belong to nuclear family as compared to joint family Upto primary educated women were having maximum prevalence Cultivator and laborer women were significantly higher prevalence of anemia than women with other occupation, suggesting that occupation was associated with anemia in pregnancy.

Likewise It depicted that anemia in pregnancy is significantly decreasing with rising socio-economic status. Less than three antenatal visits mothers were having significantly more anemia in pregnancy. Likewise prevalence was significantly higher among women who didn't take iron and folic acid supplementation during pregnancy Although prevalence was higher among women with any medical illness associated, we concluded that diseases associated with pregnancy were not having association with anemia in pregnancy.

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Discussion Prevalence of anemia in third trimester of pregnancy was found to be In this study such a higher prevalence may be due to that study was conducted in a Government Hospital where usually lower SES ANCs attend which was further supported with the fact in this study only that lower SES mothers had higher prevalence of anemia. In this study, Hindus were in majority These findings were in accordance with a study conducted by Priyanka Sharma et all.

RS Balgir et al 10 at Bhubaneswar, Odissa also reported similar observations. It may be due to lower socio-economic status, poor literacy status and poor knowledge and about utilization of ANC services in these reserved classes. In this study no association was observed between residence and anemia in pregnancy. Ahmad et al and Kiran Agarwal et al also made similar observations.

But Sanjivani D Langare ' et al found a significant association between inter-pregnancy interval was observed on anemia in 3 rd trimester pregnancy. This may be due to lack of proper ante-natal care during pregnancy. As regular check-up during pregnancy can detect anemia during pregnancy and other associated diseases. Although prevalence was higher among women with any medical illness associated, but status of presence or absence of medical illness was not found to be associated with anemia in pregnancy.

But study conducted by E Ugwuja 15 at Nigeria wherein prevalence of anemia was high among URTI, dyspepsis and diabetes mellitus, but this difference was not statistically significant, it shows that beside disease during pregnancy other causes play a role in manifestation of anemia. In this study, upto primary educated women were having maximum prevalence of anemia Madhvi 17 This result was not in accordance with Viveki et al at 14 where prevalence was high among women studied upto secondary level But observations of present study could be explained by the fact that less educated women has lack of knowledge about nutritious food, inadequate use of health services, lack of awareness regarding anemia and its effect on pregnancy and its outcome.

In this study, occupation was associated with anemia in pregnancy, which may be explained that labourer women usually have lower socio-economic status, poor literacy level and they have to do hard work during pregnancy and attendance at ante-natal clinic means loss of daily wages for them. Pankaj Gupta, M. Ross, M. Pugh, Pharm. Fink, III, J. Raineri, Pharm.

D , Michael J. Cwik , Keith A. Rodvold, Pharm. Deyo , Lee P. Scaros, Pharm. Garabedian-Ruffalo, Pharm. Lanius , Antoinette Plucinski.

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Berry, Pharm. Sherrin, M.

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Volger, Pharm. Brunetti, Pharm. Baumgartner, M.

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Therasse, M. Chase, Pharm.

Mercer, M. Ioannides-Demos , Malcolm K. Horne, M. Harrison, Ph. Watling, Pharm.

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Swanson, M. Patterson, Major, M. Broekemeier, M. Jay , John Fanikos , Paul F. Souney, M. Coplin, M. Kirzecky, M. Trissel , Karl P. Flora, Ph.