Strengthening The Body, Mind and Soul: Everyday Tips

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Choose a specific time each day when you are going to take a moment to seek out and savour one beautiful, soul stirring morsel.

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Let go of one daily habit that no longer serves your soul. Focus only on the awesome reasons for letting go of this habit. Write them down and keep them with you as a daily reminder. Replace the habit with something soul quenching like walking, reading or a daily green tea or fruit smoothie.

6 Ways To Nurture Your Soul

Ease your journey by lightening your load. To bring profound change, to reconnect to our souls, we only need make a very small shift in our lives — a little twist to our routines. Decide to change one routine in your daily life in order to feel what change creates. Embrace how newness feels. Shift it ever so slightly.

The world looks different, sounds different and I have more time to work on my soul training. Give yourself a daily hug and I mean this quite literally. It is important and often rare that we simply and kindly acknowledge ourselves. You deserve love, you are loving, and your very existence is lovely and amazing. Allow your soul to chill out.

How to Feed the Body, Mind and Spirit

Searching and seeking out constant stimulation from a million wonderful and inspiration sources can be a soul sucker. Release yourself from the need to win, keep up, expand, learn, strive, and create all the time. Rest nurtures your soul and readies you for much deeper soul training.

What I have found from my own soul training is this. Early this morning my new routine I was marveling at the beauty of the lemon I was holding before I squeezed it into my morning lemon water another new routine. My soul felt connected, grounded, and surprisingly aware. Practice is all it takes. Daily lifting, feeding, lightening, bending, loving, and resting will warm your heart, invigorate your mind and body, and tone your inner core.

1. Make this daily 10-minute date with yourself:

I hope you give it a try. Your soul will thank you.

15-minute meditation: Body scan

Katie Tallo is a mother, wife, writer, director, P90xer, almost-vegan, soul trainer and motivator who seeks to inspire people to gather their own wildly unique sense of momentum. If you enjoyed this article, please click below to have free updates delivered to your inbox.

7 Reasons to Practice Vinyasa Yoga

The rewards are immense, as they won't limit to your body only, but they will extend to your mind and spirit as well. Plus, adding a consistent workout routine will contribute to your health improvement overall. Start with a positive mindset Observe and learn from these health and wellness experts.

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Most of them have a strong online and social media presence. This makes it easy for you to research them and choose the one that best matches your expectations on how to stay in good shape. Whether you're dieting so that you can look good in your bikini, or simply because you do care about your health, make sure you stay motivated to get the best results. Make a plan and make sure you stick to it How much weight do you want to lose in how much time?

Set some realistic targets for each week and write down your progress.

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25 Simple Ways to Balance Your Mind, Body, and Soul | DOYOUYOGA

Get a diet buddy to keep you on track with working out and compare notes. Surround yourself with motivational quotes and keep visualizing your goal image. Never underestimate the power of chlorophyll Go for green vegetables, particularly the dark leafy ones. The more, the better. Not only are they brimming with fibers, but also with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and tons of antioxidants. Thanks to Dr. Oz, green juicing has become immensely popular. Juice isn't just fast and easy to prepare, but it's the best way to start your day with.

According to Kris Carr , New York Times bestselling author of Crazy Sexy Diet , all you need is: organic celery, a peeled cucumber, some romaine, kale and a pear. Juicing is a great way to get your recommended daily allowance of fruit and vegetables, reduces inflammation and gives you a great boost of energy. And it's wonderful for your immune system.

Hydrate properly Water is essential for carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells. You need water for your overall metabolism. It also helps tremendously with the detox process, keeping your immune system functioning properly.

Strengthen Your Inner Core With a Little Soul Training

It supports digestion as well as transporting and removing waste products in the blood. Make sure you drink one glass of water every hour. Choose a workout you'd enjoy Include in your regimen a workout that helps you add muscle while you lose fat. Zumba can be a great option. It's fun, high-energy and those Latin beats are easy to follow.

If you're more into something milder, a Pilates session or a set of hatha yoga exercises will help with your flexibility and strengthening your muscles.