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Intelligence community? How does he know that the daily briefs and frequent reports he is receiving, which have been produced by numerous hands, are free of hidden agendas and political spin?

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Navy officer Alan Llewellyn as he gets caught up in the murky world of Chinese espionage. This book will inspire and motivate the reader to immerse themselves in the Scriptures for a greater understanding of the divine nature of God. It will educate the reader to see spiritual truths, within the Scriptures, through logical reasoning. It will further reveal, with more clarity, the contrasting reality of worldly thinking versus Godly thinking and will answer the life questions that we all have concerning eternal choices that we will ultimately make.

I am sure it will inspire and encourage you in your journey to know more about this amazing God we serve. The author explores his crisis of faith when his sister, Peggy, dies at age 40 from complications due to diabetes. Through creative application of images and metaphor, employing the cicada heat bug and the phoebe, this memoir takes the reader on a personal journey of humor, poignancy and struggle that ultimately ends with a sense of hope. Stealing strawberries, trying to make sense of the secret code of adult-speak, dealing with unexpected pain--it's all here.

I highly recommend this book.

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River Hunter is the son of a Cherokee mother and a Scotch-Irish father who has a unique perspective on a society that undergoes a radical shift forced on it by the War. River's father is presumed dead after disappearing on a trapping trip into the mountains of the Carolinas, so, River's mother gathers her children and they move to the cotton belt of Alabama to avoid being shipped west by President Jackson during the Removal time for Native Americans.

River rapidly adapts to the new life and is betrothed to a beautiful young woman who has inherited a substantial plantation upon the death of her husband in the War. Many problems plague the young couple from the forces existing in the South after the War to the prejudicial attitudes of River's in-laws to the polarized politics between the newly freed Slaves and their former owners. This fascinating novel exams all sides within the context of a very unique segment of American history.

They have even been romanticized. However when these stories are told by a master story teller like author Chris Dahi, it takes a totally different tone and develops a life of its own. As a war child himself with experiences in the terrible three-year Biafra war, Dahi is able to inject that tangible touch of reality into these powerful and emotionally charged stories as relayed in "Little Pieces of Trauma". This book leaves your mouth dry as you know it is reality in fiction.

Though Dahi has succeeded in cutting out the likely gory and lurid details and created literary names of people and places in this work, yet the power of it still captivates and grips your heart as you are transported into the heat of it and share the pains, sorrows and terrors with these children. Both of his parents are killed during the raid on Dutch Harbor and Alexander is sent to the mainland of Alaska to stay with an American family until the end of the war.

The influence of the Hunt family has a strong impact on Alexander and he decides to defect. In his struggle to find a new freedom, Alexander deals with Soviet kidnappers, a new love, and confronting his doubts about God. In the end, will he be separated from all he has learned to love to save his own life? Valerioti Paperback For Kindle This study offers the reader a closer examination of Christ's words to the penitent thief as recorded in the Gospel of Luke.

The book contains 12 lessons to be applied for personal growth in the lives of both the seeker and the Christian. While the most important lesson learned from the thief on the cross may be that it is never too late to choose Christ, there are numerous life lessons to be unlocked from the brief account of this repentant criminal on the cross next to Jesus. As the reader journeys back to the hill at Calvary, he is invited to interact with Scripture at a deeper level and fix his eyes and his heart upon the brief exchange between two dying men: one serving a sentence as the just punishment for his own sins and the One serving the sentence for the rest of mankind.

John R. Dolan Paperback For Kindle This book describes one man's life experiences as he struggled with anxiety and depression. The book describes the mental, physical but most importantly the power of the Holy Spirit that eventually enabled John to develop resilience, and thus led him into the sunlight of a full and meaningful life.

Anxiety and depression have always been taboo in society. Frequently, the subjects cannot be touched with a "ten-foot pole", let alone be a subject for family discussion. Depression is seen as neither worthy of compassion nor understanding. For the author of this book, a familiar record plays. Nonsense; you have everything you need; just buck up and face the world the way we all have to. Instead, through grit and determination, extraordinary medical intervention, and by the grace of God, Ron received a heart transplant in and is very much alive and active today.

Indeed, Ron at age 82 may be the oldest surviving patient of a heart transplant at currently 17 years living because of his new heart. In this inspiring true story, Ron takes the reader from the streets of industrial Pittsburgh in the s Great Depression, through the War years, and then through his career as a school teacher. He was healthy and active until his heart started giving up on him. At almost the last minute while he lay deathly ill in the hospital, the nurse came into his room and said, "Mr. Gainsford, your heart is here! With humor and an appreciation for life, Ron tells his story.

The War Eagle River starts from an underground stream at the top of Five Mile Hill, cascades off rock ledges, pauses in sparkling pools and joins with the rills and trickles on the way. The rushing stream plunges over a cliff and lands in a valley in clouds of sparkling spray. It courses across the valley, turning the grinding wheel at Applegate's Grist Mill before emptying into a much larger river headed toward the Mississippi.

The small town of River Bend clusters around the rive where its hardworking folks interact as in every small town. Some bad, some good and some trying to be good. And the river rolls on. Author Joann Ellen Sisco perfectly captures the voice and soul of the southern Ozarks. People are people, no matter where they are, but the subtle culture and expression of language is unique to a place and time and no one masters this better for this distinctive section of America than Sisco.

Through dealing with his own grief and the pressures of his job, he dives into distraction with his hang gliding activity.

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Through an unexpected encounter with God, he volunteers his time at a local nursing home and befriends a young man afflicted with cerebral palsy. Joyce, whose husband had been killed by a drunk driver, meets Earl at work. Sharing much in common with each other, they find themselves forming deep connections with each other. At the same time, connections also are developing with God and with Buddy, bringing Earl and Joyce through a series of adventures into a unique understanding of God.

Thornton For Kindle What makes some leaders more effective than others? It's complicated, but when seen through the eyes of Paul B. Thornton a clear pattern emerges. He reveals the actions needed to be an inspiring leader in today's complex, competitive, and ever-changing world.

His new e-book, "What I Teach about Leadership" will help you up your game when it comes to facing reality, challenging the status quo, inspiring people, and implementing change.

7 Bug Bites You Should Never, Ever Ignore

All leaders will find numerous nuggets of great advice in his book. Do you want your children to get excited about God in learning His stories? Wonderfully illustrated, "Oma tells Histories" also includes prayers to further enrich the experience of parents and grandparents reading with their children and grandchildren. Today's turmoil has spawned general discontent and widespread frustration, but there seems to be no way out.

How to Identify Common Bug Bites and How to Treat Insect Bites & Stings

This essay is not a prescription for restructuring, reforming or remaking the federal government. Rather, it takes a step back, and suggests a vision for reforming the system of American governance that can capture the imaginations of Democratic, Republican and Independent voters. Need some tips on how to break the ice and talk about your faith to family, friends and acquaintances?

Understanding and following these conversation starters is a stress-free way to help you reach a deeper level in conversing with others without the fear of offending them.

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You will learn to share your faith in a truly authentic way that those around you will come to appreciate. This highly detailed narrative takes the reader on this journey, through decades of dealing with the effects of the abuse, but ultimately seeking survival, recovery, reconciliation, and eventual triumph. For those experiencing a similar type of pain, "Flight into Sanity" will leave the reader with a promise of hope. The author discovers that human beings have the ability to heal from unbelievable pain and suffering. Today, the author is able to reflect back on her experiences and share her story with others in the hope that her experiences will shine a light on a path to healing and recovery.

A man named Jack McCall was charged with the murder and found innocent at first. In , however, he was re-arrested, re-tried and then executed by hanging for the murder of Wild Bill. Many questions have remained unanswered.

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Who really killed Wild Bill? New research suggests an unexpected group out for revenge. This research is revealed for the first time by author James Mic Regan. Richard Wakefield Paperback For kindle The winter of , called Black Winter, triggers the beginning of the end of modern civilization due to natural gas depletion. Millions freeze to death, millions more lose their jobs. Coupled with an oil embargo in the Middle East, and North America is in economic collapse.

Riots abound. China, hungry for oil and raw materials, uses the chaos in the United States to invade Canada to get at the forests, farmlands and above all the Canadian tar sands for the oil. They must be stopped. This sparks a world war. A father and son team, from a small town in southwestern Ontario, join in the fight to repel the invaders.

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During their year-long journey through the Rockies and into the north lands of Alberta, they discover first-hand the impact and effects of peak oil on the people they meet along the way. This includes what happens in hospitals, to those in jails, to roving gangs who take over and rule like dictators, to those dedicated to preserving some part of the past, to the kindness that exists in some people regardless of the hardships they face. The two projects contained in this book have been carefully developed to help the student achieve a more in-depth understanding of these concepts.

These projects are designed to be done independently or they can be incorporated into the curriculum of any math course from second semester algebra and beyond. Students who complete these projects will gain a stronger appreciation of what it means to think logically and they will see how two seemingly unrelated areas of study connect in ways that strengthen both. But what was his past, and why was it caged?

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He remembered tales of a beast that had harassed the kingdom a generation past. He often visited with Nalla, a princess, hoping to find an indication of this, for he knows there to be more to the dragon Then, during one visit, the dragon speaks to Thareous and Nalla, warning them of an evil horde marching for Galgon. Soon events turn against them, and the dragon, known as Ianvorr, is forced to take them into the forgotten realms of the kingdom, Keiratha.