Schauungtown Chronicles, Part 1: The Bible Peddler

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Schauungtown Chronicles Part 1:The Bible Peddler

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Published: February 3, An examination of a case made by a clergyman as to why a memorial cross should be abolished. Words: 4, Published: November 2, An examination of a number of proofs for the existence of God. Words: 9, Published: August 19, Published: August 7, The battle to eliminate Christmas and other festive occasions that in part define America as a nation can no longer be ignored. Published: July 30, What happens when the Community rather than God is the focus of worship? Published: June 9, An analysis of this theological proof. With its earliest formulations put forth by Aristotle and elaborated upon by Thomas Aquinas, the cosmological argument for the existence of God is one pillar upon which classical theism is built.

Published: April 5, When traditional Christian assumptions are abandoned, the problem is not so much that society will flounder about aimlessly but rather with what will rush in to take their place.

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Published: March 28, Words: 6, Published: March 12, Published: March 8, Words: 35, Published: December 20, In "Tweets About Twits", blogger Frederick Meekins recalls a number of his most memorable headlines and quips as a longstanding member of the alternative media. Published: December 21, An examination of this particular worldview. Words: 32, Published: November 9, It soon became apparent that Barack Obama could not live up to his press. In "The Obama File", social theorist Frederick Meekins traces the movement of the Obama phenomena and exposes a number of the shocking ideological assumptions behind the rise of those out to destroy the American way of life.

Published: June 4, Words: 30, Published: March 6, With what the naive considered the end of the Cold War and the fall of Communism, it was assumed the world would become a much safer and more peaceful place. Nothing could be farther from the truth as the danger has increased since the alleged demise of the Soviet Union.