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It is solidly researched and well organized, the graphics are catchy, and the M.

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Blades and Rowe-Finkbeiner have compiled a compelling and comprehensive indictment of the way American culture treats mothers and though everything they say is applicable to fathers too, they rightly point out that women are the ones who suffer from wage bias by becoming parents, and women make up the overwhelming majority of single parents. Because that person is usually the father, that leaves -- guess who? Television is another matter. The insidious hold mass media attempts to exert on our children is, no doubt, an important subject.

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Turns out we have two. Through testimonials of experts and personal narratives from working mothers, activists, and politicians the film points to the paradox that an economically powerful country can also be defined by its lack of public policies and programs to support American families. The film exposes dramatically how these standards in the United States are inferior compared to other industrialized countries.

The Motherhood Manifesto

It takes the stand that the solution to these problems would require a firm commitment from the public, as well as private sectors. It suggests some steps in the right direction such as the examples of an activist in Pennsylvania working to stop discrimination by employers against women with children and the health care initiative in California. Another example is the after school program offered by a school district in the Seattle area.

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It not only keeps the children off the streets and away from television, thus eliminating the exposure to consumption and violence, but it involves them in a productive and challenging range of activities. Single mothers might have it harder than many but at least they have regular contact with their children. And what justification there could be for him being deprived of a relationship with young Jessica?

A manifesto on motherhood – Mama Needs Coffee

He not only domestically abused Rowling during their marriage, but left her without financial support as he refused to become employed. Rowling subsequently fled to Scotland with Jessica for both her protection and well-being. For all we know, Jessica now an adult may have a relationship with a father, or may have declined to have one.

Keep your MRA nonsense out of a logical, well-written article. Here here J. Rowling embassidor for wefare pity your not in government.. Torys have also ruined the lives of the sick , disabled and pensioners a great manifesto heir cameron i for one cant wait for the election and pray to god we get rid of the Tory coalition!!! An absolutely great written article by JK Rowling and this sort of party Behaviour is why there should be no political parties all MPs should be independant, the greatest enemy of true democracy is Party Whips, so MPs have no voice they are just collateral for the political party to which they belong.

Non-Domiciled residents should not be able to hold any of these offices and should be subject strenuous tax laws restricting their stays to very few days a year otherwise they should be fully taxed on an estimation of their wealth, which the onus to conclusively disprove would be on them. There also should be 2 MPs from Eton be allowed in Government at any one time, and all MPs should have to prove at least 10 years experience in a normal job outwith Economics and politics, to be allowed to stand as an MP.

The safety net is there, no one is demonised and moreover, Gordon Browns economy has been mended by Osbourne. What a brilliant individual. I wish there were more like her, but for now I am happy to witness the footprints of one on this wretched shithole. Truly what an admirable person.

BN manifesto to benefit mothers and family’s well-being

Also, the number of personal bankruptcies is currently on the rise. The fact remains that many single parents seemingly more people, although I must admit to not having the demographics handy are still struggling to make ends meet. Also, Mr. Owl, I would like to note Ms.

I would even go so far as to suggest, albeit rather tentatively, that she would probably have expanded on it to justify and explain her position more thoroughly. As it is, however, it appears to be little more than a passing comment. More than that, it is certainly not your place to judge.

Aw also most of the kids went to ISIS are from single parent backgrounds. Your IP address will be recorded.

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