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Optional: Come back together and read aloud the new midrashim of those who would like to share with the class. Presenters should explain why they felt this particular biblical passage needed a midrash , and then answer any subsequent questions. Discuss how everyone's perspectives have added to our collective understanding of, and acceptance of, biblical texts.

Jewish Women's Archive. Define Midrash Explain what a midrash is. Read Genesis Read Genesis chapter 1, verse 24 through the end of chapter 2, and chapter 3, verses , either aloud or silently. Discuss the following questions: Why are there two creation stories in the Bible, one chapter after another? Do they seem to be one story told twice or two completely separate stories? When are men and woman created in each story, and how does their creation differ from chapter 1 to chapter 2? What does it mean for Eve to be a fitting helper to Adam?

The Legend of Lilith Explain that the rabbis wrote the Lilith story to resolve the mystery of why there were two creation stories in Genesis, and to answer some of the questions you have just discussed. Discuss the midrash of Lilith: What do you think about this story?

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Is Lilith portrayed positively or negatively? Did she deserve to be punished for leaving and not returning to the Garden and to Adam? Do you think it is important for relationships between women and men to be equal? What does that mean? Does this story offer a plausible way to reconcile the two stories of creation in the Bible?

How is this different from the original creation stories and the original midrash about Lilith? What do you like about this new version of Lilith? What don't you like about it? What do you think Judith Plaskow is trying to communicate in this midrash? What do you think gave Plaskow the authority and courage to rewrite biblical texts to express her experiences and thoughts?

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What does this story teach us about friendships both with people of the same gender and with people of the opposite gender? This midrash was written in How might a feminist midrash written today be different?

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Who do you think has the authority to write midrashim? Plaskow wrote this midrash to communicate her thoughts about: The place of women in Judaism and in Jewish texts. IMDb More. Showing all 2 items. Jump to: Quotes 2.

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