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The ways to better investment plans can be fixed deposits in your banks, buying policies, investing in long-term shares , opt for savings and so on. When you tend to invest your money in such platforms from where you can get a handsome return upon the competition of a particular time period then it is obviously a wise decision to make. You have to be strict with your budget planning and should not spend more than your limits of expenditure.

An ordinary individual does not require many things to lead a casual life. The necessities of life do not come with a heavy price tag but the luxuries do and so we must be able to differentiate between our basic needs and the luxuries that are not necessary for leading our everyday lives.

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When we understand the difference well, we will be able to cut off a lot of unnecessary expenses and save our money for better utilization in the long run. Even though you might have to pay the property taxes when you buy a property, it is still beneficial for investment purposes as because the value of the real estate market keeps flourishing with passing time. Your monetary statistics can bring you both pain and gain depending on the ways you try to spend it.

When you least bother about your expenditures and do unnecessary spending with your hard earned money , it ought to bring you down someday. But when you plan things wisely and utilize your money to gain maximum benefits, you surely made a wise decision. Do consider the ideas that are mentioned above for better guidance in saving those bucks that you earn with your hard work. The above-mentioned ideas can come to your rescue if you think you are a spendthrift and you need to save more bucks! How to protect your hard-earned money from hackers. How to recognise the warning signs The email or letter will often say that you need to take action quickly if you want to avoid 'your bankcard, account or app to stop working or being blocked'.

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The email may also contain a link to a fake website or online banking page. There you will be kindly requested to fill in your details. Incorrect spelling or poor syntax may also indicate that the email was written using machine translation. Errors in the formatting or logos are also a sign of hackers. Someone from 'Microsoft', 'Google', 'Keytrade Bank' and so on may ask you to log in by phone or by email.

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Such fraudsters will often play busy office or help desk sounds in the background to give you the impression that you are talking to a reliable partner. The sender's email address often has nothing to do with your bank. An email about your bank account from nelson. Make sure the letter S is there in https.

How to avoid being hacked yourself Use the latest version of the operating system for your computer Windows, iOS and so on , smartphone or tablet. Also download the latest security software and check that you have the latest version of your internet browser.

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  4. Make sure that your antivirus software and firewall are up-to-date. If you are working with a wireless connection using Wi-Fi , make sure that the connection is secured with an access code. Avoid using public computers for example in a library to do your online banking. These computers may be infected with a virus that will endanger the security of your transactions. Never give anyone permission to take control of your computer, even if that person is supposedly working for Keytrade Bank.

    Never log in at the request of someone you don't know. Never give your bank codes when requested to do so in an email, text, pop-up notification, on social media, by telephone and so on. Never send your bankcard to anyone. Keytrade Bank will never ask you to do this. Never answer any email messages that promise you large sums of money or that ask you to carry out an international transaction for someone. Be very vigilant if you are asked to deposit money in the context of a competition. Always check that the web address contains the correctly spelled name of your bank.

    Always enter the address of your online banking website yourself or add it to your favourites and do not use any links from other websites or email messages.

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    Always make sure that your session follows the normal procedure. Keytrade Bank will always ask you for the same authentication information at the start of each session. Transactions should never take significantly longer than usual. Important changes to the Keytrade Bank website are always announced in advance.

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    If you need to move away from your screen, close your online banking session. Always close your session by logging out.

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    Do not visit any other websites while you are doing your online banking. Do not share any files with other users while you are doing your online banking or investments. Only buy from reliable websites that release their identification details. Make sure to verify that the website shows the company's name and details. Only validate your payment order if you were expecting it or if you requested it yourself.

    Regularly check your future transactions that were already registered.

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    What if you inadvertently clicked on a suspicious link? Immediately close the web page or pop-up notification. Have your bank cards blocked Check your transactions and bank statements. If you think that you received a phishing message, forward it to phishing keytradebank. Also forward the message to verdacht safeonweb.

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