Hamish X Goes to Providence Rhode Island

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App Download. US UK. Thank you for subscribing! Once again, the irreverent footnotes and self-reflexive commentaries by the omniscient narrator, which also appear in this story, draw attention to the constructed nature of the narrative and question its factuality. Readers are reminded that they are reading a story told from the viewpoint of a narrator who appears well-read though faultily so and also grumpy or snippy at a few points, where the narrator jibes readers who are too lazy to have read the previous two books of the series before beginning this one.

For example, the narrator mentioned at the beginning of this novel that he went on sabbatical since the last time he narrated in Hamish X and the Hollow Mountain. Later, he comments that the novel would probably have a different title to attract potential readers if its target audience consisted of whales rather than humans. For example, there is a character named Captain Ironbuttocks who has imprisoned children aboard his ship Christmas is Cancelled , a Lucky Thirteen convenience store on Rhode Island, and Grey Agents with names associated with junk food such as Mr.

Candy, Mr. Sweet, Miss Cake, and Mr.

Captain Ironbuttocks has this name because he literally has buttocks made of iron, a fact which the narrator mentions in a humourous footnote. However, the more plot-driven thrust of this book makes it more similar to Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates , except that its darker tone is more reminiscent of the second book in this trilogy. Considering the three books as a whole, the lighter tone is most prominent in the first book and the tone is progressively more serious from the first to the second and, finally, the third book.

In contrast, the third book continues with the narrative threads established in the first two novels and focuses more on the eventual confrontation with the Orphan Disposal Agency and its sinister plans for the Earth.


Hamish X Series

Indeed, the serious tone of specific scenes seems to jar with the humour at a few points. While readers will appreciate the humour, the nature of this narrative will also cause readers to care about the characters and the serious, life-threatening obstacles that they encounter along the way to the ODA Headquarters. Some readers may skip the footnotes after a certain point in the story, such as in Part III, because they are more interested in finding out what will happen next.

On the other hand, it can also be argued that readers do not need to read the footnotes along with the main text during their first reading of the novel and that they can return to them in a second reading. Regardless, the footnotes are still entertaining supplements to the main narrative. One potential problem in a series is that its impact may diminish in the later books of that series, particularly when it consists of several novels because the material may not seem as original in the later books.

As a result, some readers may feel that the humour is a bit repetitive, even though it is effective in and of itself. Similarly, the first two books in the series have already established the major plotlines, characters, and settings that are resolved in the third book. Even though it is part of a trilogy, the first novel can stand on its own, much more so than the other two novels, because a number of its major events were resolved within the same book, rather than established as continuous narrative threads to be dealt with in the next two books.

Hamish X And The Hollow Mountain

As a result, the first novel has a certain cohesiveness and freshness that is less prominent in the other two novels. However, all of these contribute to the progression and resolution of the larger narrative arc that revolves around Hamish X and his friends. In other instances, his illustrations help readers to visualize the setting, such as the ancient world of Atlantis and the seemingly innocuous exterior of the ODA Headquarters. The book still contains the same sense of fun and parody that has characterized the first two books, but its treatment of particular themes will make it more suitable for slightly older readers.

This situation is much like that of the Harry Potter series in which the later books are more suitable for older readers because of their increasingly complex and darker storylines.

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  • As this is the final part of the trilogy, it is necessary to start with the first book. This third novel cannot stand on its own since it includes references to events and characters in the previous two books that will not make sense to new readers.