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Irma shows up at a board meeting to collect. However, the board is divided - with Henry Bridgenorth Leonard Rossiter being the most vocal in opposition - and the vote is five to four against paying. That night, Irma and Penelope visit Bridgenorth at his apartment, with fatal results.

Female hurricanes are deadlier than male hurricanes, study says

When the board reconvenes, the directors vote unanimously to pay. Carloggio George Pastell , Wyngarde's servant, delivers a tiny bit of a taped message Wyngarde had recorded. Only part of one sentence remains the assassins stole the rest.

Irma and Penelope silence Carloggio, then Penelope delivers a box of deadly cigars to Drummond's flat while he is out. Brenda Virginia North , a girl Drummond's nephew Robert Steve Carlson has brought back to the flat, narrowly escapes the same fate as Keller. Later that night, another attempt is made on Drummond's life.


The next day, Irma makes Phoenecian another proposition: to get them the oil concession in the country of Akmata, despite the King's determination to develop the oil fields himself, for another million pounds. Drummond realises that the King's assassination is what the garbled tape was referring to. Meanwhile, Penelope abducts and tortures Robert, but he can tell her nothing.

Drummond follows Irma back to their flat and is able to rescue Robert before he is blown up by a bomb left behind by the two women. Irma does away with Weston Nigel Green , another Phoenecian board member. Drummond travels to the Mediterranean coast. After meeting and warning King Fedra, he is invited to a castle owned by the wealthy Carl Petersen, the genius behind the assassinations.

It turns out that Petersen is none other than Weston. Drummond is not allowed to leave the castle. Grace Suzanna Leigh , one of Petersen's women, confides her desire to leave to Drummond, but Petersen is watching and listening electronically. Irma attempts to seduce Drummond to distract him, but to her fury, he rejects her advances.

Deadlier Than The Male - Seduction

Penelope is more successful and spends the night in Drummond's bed. Petersen gives Grace a "second chance"; she uses the opportunity to board the King's yacht as soon as she has the chance, just as Petersen had planned. While playing chess against Petersen with giant motorized pieces, Drummond learns that Grace is unwittingly carrying the bomb intended for the King.

See a Problem?

He kills Petersen's bodyguard Chang Milton Reid and drops Petersen into the hole through which a chess piece is removed from play. Drummond and Robert race to the King's yacht, capturing Irma and Penelope along the way, and bringing them along. To try to test that idea the researchers conducted a series of experiments. A second experiment compared the perceived risk from a made-up report about a hurricane in which only the name or, as a control, lack of name varied. The third experiment showed a similar response to the question of whether someone would think to evacuate in the face of a detailed, invented, hurricane warning.

The fourth showed this would extend even to obeying, or not, a government suggestion to evacuate, and the fifth and sixth experiments demonstrated there was nothing in the nature of the names chosen, beyond their masculinity or femininity, that could explain all this.

How popular a name was, and how old or new and therefore familiar or less so , made no difference. Not everyone thinks, though, that the analysis actually is correct. After it was published the salt-shovels were out in force. One criticism was that 92 is a small number on which to do statistics. It is, but Mr Jung used all of the available data, so no study with more rigour is possible. Mr Jung and his colleagues believe they have controlled for this.

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A third is that the test volunteers, who were mostly students, may not be representative of those making decisions about what to do in the face of a storm. This is a fair observation, but similar accusations could be levelled against many studies which use undergraduates as lab rats.

The answer is to do a follow-up investigation. One idea would be to reverse the s convention completely and name them only after men. Before they were often badged according to the phonetic alphabet then used by American servicemen Able, Baker, Charlie etc. Giving them truly scary names hurricane Beelzebub, anybody?

Birds of prey, perhaps?

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The study suggests that changing a severe hurricane's name from Charley to Eloise could nearly triple its death toll. NASA's stunning footage of three hurricanes But not everyone buys the team's hypothesis. Jeff Lazo of the National Centre for Atmospheric Research said the pattern is most likely a statistical fluke, according to National Geographic. He notes all hurricanes had female names until -- meaning the study included 29 years without male hurricane names.

That's significant because hurricanes have generally gotten less deadly over time, Lazo told National Geographic. But the researchers said they didn't just analyze death tolls from actual hurricanes; they also conducted experiments to test their hypothesis. How to prepare for a hurricane In one experiment, participants predicted the intensity of 10 hurricanes -- five with female names and five with male names. The male hurricanes were deemed more intense -- regardless of the gender of the participant.