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The southern states are no more likely to be bilingual than the northern states. Among the 10 most spoken languages, native speakers of Hindi are least likely to be multilingual, according to the Census.

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The most multilingual native speakers are Marathis and Gujaratis—both states have a high proportion of people who speak Hindi—as well as native Urdu speakers, who are likely to be relatively more geographically dispersed. You are now subscribed to our newsletters. Internet Not Available. Wait for it… Log in to our website to save your bookmarks. One of the most popular English speaking jobs in Europe and the way many expats get their first job abroad is to teach English as a second language. A qualification is usually necessary but takes very little time, usually around a month depending who you choose to study with and then the salary is usually very good.

Many European countries that speak English do so as their second language, throughout the continent, a large percentage of the population are able to speak two, three and sometimes even four languages for example language learning app Babbel found this to be the case in one of the smallest countries in Europe, Luxembourg! I was surprised when touring around Holland and the Northern part of Germany, when conversing with people in bars and restaurants, although I was making the effort to speak in Dutch and German respectively I had learned introductory phrases the amount of people who replied in English was staggering, it was then that I realized the wide ranging influence of the English language, its importance and how those of us who speak it are at a great advantage when job searching abroad!

Ok so Nike, Apple and Microsoft probably have a base here but After that?

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As you can see from the various images in this article, the top English speaking countries are generally found in Northern parts of Europe in Scandinavia with almost three quarters of the population speaking English! A popular destination for so many English speaking expats due to factors such as the wonderful food, weather and a different lifestyle to back home, we see here that in this region there are plenty of English speakers for us to converse with, however the figures are not as high as places like Germany where almost three quarters of the population speak English.

Aside from the U. Where can we go? Malta, the smallest EU state is well known for its relaxed lifestyle, low cost of living and historical links to Britain according to gov. Popular with many expats due to the numerous leisure activities such as diving to take advantage of the beautiful coast of Malta as well the nightlife and cultural events. Another bonus is that contrary to some other countries, obtaining paperwork to live in Malta legally is relatively straightforward for those of us from the EU!

Cyprus has a higher average salary and more English speaking residents than Spain as well as a plentiful array of jobs in the service industry, but more expats head to Spain than Cyprus.. So what does this mean? Whilst Spain is a wonderful place to live and English speakers are plentiful, if you want the sunshine and lifestyle of Southern Europe but be able to find an English speakers to converse with at work or at the bar, Cyprus could be an even better choice for you.

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As more expats choose places such as France and Spain, Cyprus has less workplace competition and herein lies the opportunity for you! Liquidity This can refer to a company's ability to meet its debts, or the ease with which its shares can be bought and sold. Market capitalisation The stock market value of a company - calculated by the price of a share multiplied by the number issued. Market maker A professional buyer and seller of shares, who is committed to buying and selling for their own account to ensure a market in the shares.

Momentum trading Buying and selling according to how the share price has moved recently, rather than considering the company's trading record or prospects. Nominee account An arrangement where your stockbroker holds your shares on your behalf.

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Although you are the real owner, the nominee is the legal owner, enabling the stockbroker to carry out your instructions to sell immediately, rather than waiting for a share certificate to be produced. This figure is used to show how expensive a share is. Quoted company A firm listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange or another recognised stock exchange.

Rampers Investors who put out misleading information about a company in which they own shares to promote the price of its shares. Once the price is up, they sell out and pocket the profit. Recovery stock Shares in a company that has hit hard times but is expected to recover.

The Markets Speak: Not Much Is Moving Higher

Rights issue The sale of new shares to existing shareholders by a company raising capital. Selling short Selling shares for which you have not yet paid, expecting the price to fall. T-plus T denotes the day on which you carry out a deal, plus the number of days you have to pay or it, or settle. T-plus 25, for example, means you must pay for your shares, or provide the share certificate for shares which you have sold, within 25 days.

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