A Collection of Clarity & Insanity

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It is a lifelong quest into our own hearts, painful sometimes. It is what I seek, I seek a life of bliss and unity with myself as a part of nature.

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That is to be done through understanding, a punctuation to the chaos all around. Understanding our own values and transmitting them to our environment is how I think peace can be possible. Twitter Pinterest Instagram.

A person is an ever-changing brand. Self Concept. Three steps to defining the self and creating a strong identity. Read Here. Self-love Unhinged.

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How to get unjammed. Yet somehow the balance of perfectionist goals and the ability to temporarily turn off anxiety with the help of alcohol and friends allowed Andrew to hide what was lying just beneath the surface: bipolar disorder.


Finding Clarity In My Insanity

In his poignant personal narrative, Andrew invites others inside a hellish prism that left him the victim of substance abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts, mania, and delusions - and in a psychiatric unit with a mind separated from reality and a body confined to a jail cell. As Andrew reveals the details of his harrowing journey through mental illness and subsequent treatment, he helps to demystify common misperceptions, build awareness, and provide hope to others suffering from bipolar disorder. Drawing on Andrew's personal reflections, this memoir exposes the dirty insides of mental illness from an individual and family perspective.

It navigates the intimate details of mania that few can recall and most cannot articulate.

Customer Experience Practice Vs. Insanity - It's All A Matter Of Perspective

Whether you have no knowledge of bipolar disorder or are an expert in the mental health field, the earnest nature of Pleading Insanity begs you to listen. I work as a para-professional in the mental health system, and this book was enormously helpful.

Andrew gives us a look from the inside of a person with bipolar disorder, both when the illness was not managed, and later when he is managing it. My understanding, knowledge and compassion are greatly increased because of his sharing.

Clarity - Glee Cast [HD FULL STUDIO]

He brings practical information and hope to all who deal with mental illness. Narration was fast - I had to slow it down to. Loved this book!

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